The Masonic Widow

By Brother Anthony Hawthorn

Presented on 19 January 2017 at Lodge De Goede Verwachting

My beloved, today you stand on the threshold of your journey in Freemasonry.


Tell me: What is your desire?


To go out and discover who I am. This knowledge of myself will reveal to me capacity for both light and darkness. That by knowing both I may acknowledge the darkness but choose to live in the light.  


To go out and learn. Knowing that only through hard work and sacrifice will my mind become enlightened and the many hidden truths of the honourable craft be revealed to my mind.


To go out and act on my self-knowledge. To become the master of my thoughts, feelings and actions. For a true Mason aspires to self-reverence, self-knowledge and self-control.   


To go out and labour with my brother Mason. So that in our labour we may grow in love one to another. A love that will stand as of a beacon of light when, in this dreary world, I may feel that I am all alone.


To go out and through my actions live the virtue of charity. Imparting to all who stand in need but more particularly toward my fellow mason. That through my acts charity I may acknowledge my complete dependence on the grand architect of the universe.


To go out and be true to my word. Act with fidelity, help a Brother in need, honour the oath of secrecy I have entered into, defend a Brother’s reputation and promote his interests. 


To go out and live a life that is both true and exact. So that when the twelfth hour of life dawns that I may approach it without fear. That I may leave this frame to return to it mother earth and look forward to my labours in the eternal east.    


My beloved. Now that I understand what you most desire may I give to you the greatest gift I have to offer you on your journey. In return may I ask only one thing of you in return.   


My gift to you. From the cradle of humanity, the Grand Architect of the Universe asks of his creation: “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” The labourer’s skill is only effective if has the strength to apply his tools. As your help meet let me be the fountain where you find the nourishment needed to continue your labour.  


What I ask in return: Once you have gone out and become what you most desire remember me and choose to come home, and be.

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