Impressions of the Entered Apprentice Degree

August 16, 2010


Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brethren & Brethren all,


I was asked to put pen to paper, or rather into words some of my thoughts, experiences, and observations, as an entered apprentice to Freemasonry and how it has influenced me.

It is written that one must believe like a child and initially I thought that meant that one must accept what you are told, without question.


But as a father, I quickly learned that a child of healthy mind and body does not just accept everything he is told…..Well, not my children in any event.


They gather information and ask questions, apply their understanding of the matter at hand and more often than not get things wrong,…all in an attempt to make sense of Life and their journey. Learning from their mistakes.


And thus I am, in Freemasonry; seeing, hearing, observing….and although confusing at first…..slowly but surely I am making sense of rituals, workings, symbols and the Order.


In my life prior to the Brotherhood, I have always been fiercely independent, self reliant and had little reason to trust others….or the need to do so has always been minimised.


Thus, the initiation ceremony, on the first night had some real implications when I was told that I would be blindfolded …..and had to rely on total strangers to guide me.


What a truly liberating experience to be able to trust strangers……to be able to place my circumstance in the hands of those I now proudly call “Brother”!!


Delighting in the fact that there are still today, those whom seek to improve themselves, continuously ……. guided by a moral compass, to the benefit of their fellow man and to their Brethren.


Another aspect was….is…… the discovery of wisdom, mentorship, guidance and access to experience via the Brethren at Lodge De Goede Verwachting……I feel truly blessed.


The last seven months have passed as if in a blink   but my eyes are slowly and purposefully seeing the light, my mind has awakened ….stimulated by knowledge, my spirit has received a pure breath and my place within this creation has become clearer. To improve myself, to become closer to those precious to me and to assist my fellow man and my brethren……the journey has just begun.


May I never tire of learning, exploring, questioning, debating and living life ….passionately?

Have patience with me and may I never disappoint you in our labours.


Thank you my Brethren, for accepting me as I am and for your support, guidance and knowing that as T G A O T U …..I can place my trust in you.


I look forward to the journey ahead, taking my first, small steps…. and to the future, wherever it may lead us knowing that I am now part of an ancient collective…….a brotherhood.


Blessings upon you …my Brethren.

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