Impressions of the Entered Apprentice Degree

May 15, 2008

Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brethren & Brethren all,


I was asked to give a short summary on what Freemasonry has meant to me.

In considering my 35 seconds of being a Freemason I reflected on my journey from first curiosity, through my research, application and initiation, until tonight where I stand before you.


I always knew of Freemasonry but my interest was really fueled during a visit to Washington. I was amazed at what men can achieve when they stand together and strive to achieve great things.


I did quite a lot of research and came across the website of Lodge de Goede Verwachting where I read the following words:


“Lodge de Goede Verwachting, as indeed the whole Order of Freemasonry, consists of men who are desirous of improving their intellectual capacity, moral code of conduct and spiritual well-being.”


Needless to say, I was initiated in September last year, and looking back my thinking or intellectual capacity is continuously challenged as I research the Order and become exposed to more life lessons and symbolism. My understanding of my place in society, the moral aspect, is also becoming clearer and my spiritual well-being has been re-ignited through questioning and meditating on the meaning of life. Every day is a pursuit to become a better person.


Further to this, I did not expect to make the good friends that I have. I did not expect the acceptance, without prejudice, I have experienced, and was amazed at the care and concern of the brethren towards each other, that I have witnessed.


Barely scratching on the surface, Freemasonry has already surpassed my expectations.


I have come to the conclusion that although I will be passed to the next level, I will first and foremost be an apprentice.


For Self Knowledge is a journey and not a destination.


Thank you brethren.

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