Respect for our Elders

By Worshipful Brother Evanglos Doucas, APGM

Installation Address at Lodge De Goede Verwachting
18 August 2016

Our life is a journey through the Ages, and with its challenges and opportunities we have been afforded the privileges of a life filled with dreams, hopes and joys. We have been blessed with another day and opportunity of witnessing life.


Waking up every day is a gift, and to witness the sunrise and the magical sunset, examples of the glorious design of the higher energy of pure love that has created us and the world as we know it, a pure blessing!


We are the gifted and privileged bearers of light and love in the present moment, succeeding a legacy afforded to us by our fathers and mothers and by those before them; a link which has not been broken since time immemorial.  


Our life is a link in a bigger chain that unites us all, and this allows us to function effectively in our respective personal, social, business and spiritual lives. It may seem that we are here to fulfill our very own goals and dreams – which no doubt is also true – yet our link to each other is definitely intertwined, forming but one large family interdependent and in union consciousness. This binds us together through the times and generations, forming a sacred, intangible bond second to none in value, strength and power.


This, in effect, makes us feel warm, loved and not alone.


The value we need to place on the special position previous generations play in our society is beyond description. It is a privilege indeed to know that our fathers and mothers, our elders in all spheres of society, are in effect our guides, our wisdom and our libraries containing books full of learning and applied experiences as necessary building blocks for our current society’s course and way forward.


It took generations and generations to build the magical city of Florence. Thousands of years of perseverance and consistency, patience and love and passion, to build those unbelievable structures! Go and sit on top of the hill overlooking that entire city! Seemingly chaotic when traversing those historical little streets and nooks, but most systematic, organised and perfectly geometrically designed and positioned when seen from above. You will stare in wonder and cry out in awe and say: ‘How is this beauty possible? There must be something bigger than us living in the now; than us youngsters wanting to conquer the world without fear and regard of the past and of those elders we sometimes in haste call ‘old men who don’t understand our technology and pace, or seem too hasty to just criticise our modern habits’.


Yes, there is something bigger than us.


It has to do with the fact that we the younger generations, we the current elder generations, we those living in the present, breathing the fresh air, witnessing the sunrises and sunsets, are not alone, nor will ever be alone. We are simply the links of a greater endless chain through generations, busy building our respective Florence – and by extension the Florence that we all share together in union consciousness with one bigger vision of a peaceful and loving co-existence.


I cannot fathom how we often find ourselves talking with disdain and lack of respect to our elders – whether related to us by blood or not – and dismissing them as tired, old, non-accepting and near expired. If we are going to be seeing our world carry on growing, we need to embrace each other – and, above all, our carriers of innate wisdom: our elders. We need to draw on their experiences, and together, not alone, all as one with consistency and patience continue building together as one our Florence. We need to see ourselves being a bridge, traversing through the times rather than simply a new generation wanting to just change things for the sake of changing.


“No need to fix what is not broken,” in the wise words of our Grand Master. This has stood by me for years, and has had a tremendous impact on my life. Let us rather be a bridge that delves into the masculine and feminine sides of our inner beings, combining logic and emotion in all that we do. Logic alone, which is our natural unconscious inclination as men, is not sufficient anymore! If we are to make a real difference to the world we need to look deep into and access the benefits of both the masculine and feminine energies inherently within us. We are here to better ourselves as men who are striving after whatever is beautiful, noble, true and bigger. We are here to attain something bigger than what the eye meets, and to make an impact. As individuals, we are bridging the past with the present, and the present with the future. We are the building blocks for a safer, stronger and more solid Florence that will vibrate with its power and beauty each time you look at it quietly without distraction from above.


We are here to spread true brotherly love, and each time you see an elder, look him in the eyes and through the deep lines on his forehead, and say “Thank you” in gratitude. Let him enter that door before you. Get up from your seat to offer him a seat. Our Wor Bro Giuseppe Ricci recently shared a brief story to me of his pets: among them is a very old male dog that each morning knocks on his bed seeking his breakfast with his pet family. Each time his boss stares in his eyes and wrinkles, he sees a silence, a peace and a wisdom bearing witness to a life of experiences that he as his owner bows and appreciates in all humility.


In our Order, make this one of our main tasks. Spread this energy to all without feeling separate to others based on any form of division, and in union consciousness continue to make an impact and inspire the world.



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