Purpose in Life


By Right Worshipful Brother Morris Rozen
Address at Lodge Perseverence
02 November 1999




One of man’s greatest needs is purpose in life. We are conscious of an evolutionary pattern leading from the simplex to the complex, from ignorance to wisdom, from selfishness to compassion.Once we realize that we are all part of a universal scheme, we can begin to see something of the purpose of man’s existence. Such a development takes place slowly until the individual begins consciously to help himself - he learns that he is not only a physical body, but that his source and center is spiritual.


This understanding comes only after long experience, during which fulfillment is sought in many ways, such as excitement, affection, personal ties and duties to both family and friends, education, career and ambitions.


But eventually there dawns a sense of the spiritual nature, an awareness of values which transforms the personal life. Brethren, one of the greatest gifts of Freemasonry is that it brings the realization that we know what we are, why we are, and where we are going. This wisdom and the light is there for those who are realistically aware and have the insight and the intellect to see it.


Our first objective is self knowledge and through the wisdom of self knowledge we must endeavor to communicate this to our fellow man. There are three points that I wish to put forward:


i. The importance and awareness to become conscious of ignorance.

ii. This knowledge can only be obtained by effort and study.

iii. The courage and determination to face this knowledge so acquired.


Self understanding releases the power for genuine service based on a true tolerance which accepts differing opinions and methods. Self training and service to others should proceed side by side.The greatest men and women who have preceded us, who by their lives and influence have proved themselves to be in the vanguard of the human race, have through their own experience taught us that by making wisdom the guide of everything we do, and by working in harmony with our fellows, we can find our fulfillment and become helpers to humanity and our Brethren.


Each one of us is a unit in the whole and has a part to play towards its destined perfection and purpose. Armed with this self knowledge, we are able to develop our powers of understanding and tolerance and the will to serve in order that we may play our part to the rest of humanity in this world of ours.


In a Masonic Lodge there is a natural environment for communication. It is an integral part of Freemasonry. It teaches that we can learn from the world of knowledge and add to it as we discover new facets through experience. Freemasonry is an on going crusade for more and more communication of worthwhile ideas among its members, the results of which can be added to the facts and principles upon which to build a better world.


The whole structure of Freemasonry is dependent upon knowledge imparted from man to man. Some communicate through performing the ritual, some by writing, others by speaking to the good of the order, and others through thoughtful conversations and lectures. Each method is a valuable means of communicating, but each is dependent upon a two way flow of information based on truth and sincerity.


Yes my brethren, a Masonic Lodge is a unique institution for developing and educating by imparting knowledge through communication, so that men will graduate better than they were and therefore help to build a better world.



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