None Goes His Way Alone


By Worshipful Brother Dewey H. Wollstein
First published in August 1985
In the Provincial Grand Lodge (Southern Division) Spring Ball magazine




IMasonry has been defined as “a way of life”. Perhaps it would be better to say that Freemasonry is living according to the best wisdom of the ages.


Since no man is perfect, it follows that each is dependent on upon the other and that “none goes his way alone”. The Mason is forever conscious of his own weaknesses and understands that he needs the strength of his brother, and at the same time, he knows that he has something of value to share. The philosophy of Masonry boils down to the word of Brotherhood. Buy here, too, we must arrive at an understanding of Brotherhood by constant study and application. Nothing can be of greater value to me than the growth and development of one who is bound to me by sacred obligations, and nothing can be of greater importance to my brother than my own development. The concern of one for the other constitutes the real meaning of Brotherhood.


Honesty demands a calm appraisal of self, an honest examination that reaches below consciousness and sees self, eve to eve. Ours is a philosophy that must be put to use. It cannot be pointed to as a conversation piece.Today when there abounds a frozen philosophy, created in an atmosphere of fear and sealed with scepticism, we must use Masonic philosophy. We must unfreeze and unseal that which stands only as a total negation of life, and which obscures the higher vision.


With our common faith in God and in Man, we must spread the philosophy of Masonry by our deeds of brotherly love, which reflect our spiritual heritage. Darkness is the absence of Light. It is Masonic Light which must be used to dissolve darkness and make visible the truth that man is advancing toward a better tomorrow.


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