Misconceptions of Masonry



By Right Worshipful Brother Morris Rozen

Address at Lodge Westerford
11 May 2000



To many people outside of Freemasonry, despite many efforts to enlighten the public in recent years, Freemasonry still seems to represent a kind of secret society. Political groups who have their own agendas, in many countries, not excluding our own, have from time to time attacked Freemasonry as being subversive to good government and the public at large.


This is and was particularly true of Nazi and Fascist governments where dictators rule and where democracy is a dirty word. Perhaps subconsciously, they understand that the principles upon which our Order is founded are in direct opposition to their aim of submerging the individual and making the state the final arbiter of the individual conscience.


The fact that the fundamental principles upon which Freemasonry is founded are the ethical and moral principles of the Volume of the Sacred Law - the sacred scriptures - this in itself is unacceptable to them, since in their hearts they deride these ideals which teach that all men are brothers under the fatherhood of the one God, creator and ruler of the Universe.


Recently in our own country, we have had attacks on our temples, in the media, and on the Internet by people who are totally uninformed and have been misled into thinking that Freemasons are not normal good citizens and reasonable human beings. Since these scriptures and noble teachings derive from mostly Jewish sources, this links the Jew and the Freemason under one umbrella. This creates the impression in their blinkered eyes that we are subversive elements who represent a danger to society.


Between the years 1920 to 1940 many groups used a totally forged and false document for their misguided political aims. This document was called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. It was claimed that there was a world wide conspiracy by the Jews and all Freemasons to threaten and undermine established authority and take control of the world. This document was exposed as forgery by the London Times as long ago as 1921! The document was also published in certain American newspapers which had to subsequently issue numerous public retractions and apologies. I mention this because there are many Masons here this evening who surf the Internet as this false and fraudulent document is once again starting to appear on various Masonic and “Anti-Mason” websites and creating adverse and negative publicity for all Freemasons across the globe.


I caution you Brethren to be aware and observant when surfing the Internet. Do not be misled by the false and harmful propaganda appearing on the Internet. That there is a link between Freemasonry and the Judeo-Christian ethic is not to be denied - the ethical demands of Freemasonry are in full accord with the moral teachings of both religions. It is this which has made it possible for leading members of the church and the synagogue and many other religions to be prominent members of the Order.


Monarchs, presidents, and distinguished members of many democratic governments have seen it as not being beneath their dignity to be active Freemasons and to hold high office in the Craft. Freemasonry goes even further for it takes a completely universal view and affirms that within the Lodge differences of creed have no place. Freemasonry proclaims these principles openly.


There are certain rituals which are meant to convey deep truths and emphasize moral living. These are available to all who are found worthy to join the Order, which is open to those who have been recommended and proposed according to the correct procedures.


Freemasonry is not a religious creed, yet it strengthens and promotes the best of the fundamental teachings of religion, the basic moral and ethical codes upon which religion is founded. It requires faith in a supreme being, and proclaims the Brotherhood of men. It aims for an ideal society based on Justice and the rule of law. It believes in human dignity and strives to be of service to all mankind, whatever their ethnic origin or religious creed.


This is what Freemasonry aims for. This is what Judeo/Christian teachings aim for. This must be the goal of all societies. This is what we pray for and must work for in our own beloved land, so that we may all face the future hand in hand with our hearts full of love and the hope that we will see South Africa enjoying the peace and harmony and blessings that the G.A.O.T.U. has bestowed on us.




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