Masonry And Its Tenets


By Right Worshipful Brother Morris Rozen
Installation Address at Lodge De Goede Verwachting
15 August 2002




Are we afraid to talk about Freemasonry and what it means individually to each and every one of us? To many of us, it seems we so are afraid we will be advertising, soliciting or revealing some so-called “secrets” of our Fraternity that we somehow retire into a shell, put up a defensive wall, when somebody asks us a question. That is the opportunity we should take advantage of to reveal our pride in being a member of the Order and the principles in which we believe as committed Masons.


If Freemasonry is good, let us talk about it whenever the opportunity presents itself. We should let the world know just what Freemasonry teaches and what it stands for. Let us inform the public what we are doing and what we believe, especially at this time when we in the GLSA have our new open policy on various fronts. We are endeavouring to attempt to remove some of the misconceptions and untruths that many of the public have continuously been brainwashed for many years by the media about us.


We must continue to build a good image to dispel the idea that Masonry is a “secret order”. Masonry is a way of life and it has a duty to render to mankind. We cannot solve the world’s problems, but we can do something about the issues of everyday living. We need to conduct ourselves that the public at large will know that we exemplify the principles upon which our Fraternity was founded.


At a time when Freemasonry numbers millions of members throughout the world, we should ask ourselves if we are transmitting the excellent tenets of our order to the profane outside our Temple walls and Lodge rooms. When we see and hear of the greed, selfishness, vanity, immorality and Godlessness of our time, it is apparent there never was a greater need for Masons to practise every single day those masonic principles to which we have obligated ourselves.


It would be tragic, indeed, if history were to record that this generation of Masons had, as individuals, lost the ancient beliefs we profess to practise.


It all resolves itself to a personal responsibility. Are we all living and practising Masonry?



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