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Are You Interested In Becoming A Freemason?

A Guide to the Prospective Candidate…



The Lodge De Goede Verwachting, as indeed the whole Order of Freemasonry, consists of men who are desirous of improving their intellectual capacity, moral code of conduct and spiritual well-being. They have joined together so that they may mutually assist each other in this aim. Instruction and help in the achievement of the above objects is imparted at regular meetings by means of ritual address, customs and ceremony, which have their beginnings in antiquity.


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  • The Prospective Candidate must be sincerely desirous of, and have the ability to, improve his intellectual and spiritual and moral code of conduct and must be prepared to devote his time, means and efforts thereto, and to assist his Brethren, by brotherly love, to achieve their like objects.

  • He must not seek business, financial or social advantage from the Order.

  • His joining the Order should not place financial, or other strain on his family commitments.

  • He must have a religious belief.



Are there any Fees involved?

Yes. There is a current annual membership fee. Donations to our Charitable causes are collected at meetings but the amount given is entirely voluntary. Other costs include your Apron, which you will purchase on your attainment of the Master Mason degree. A small amount is also payable for refreshments at our meetings.


If you are interested to join, please contact us.


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