September 5, 2015

Address at Lodge Westerford



To many people outside of Freemasonry, despite many efforts to enlighten the public in recent years, Freemasonry still seems to represent a kind of secret society. Political groups who have their own agendas, in many countries, not excludin...

August 31, 2000

Address at the Lodge de Goede Verwachting

Based on an article found on the Internet forwarded to me by Wor. Bro. Louis van Heerden.



All members of our Order must take the time to study and so realize, understand and appreciate the excellence of our Ancient Craft. Nothi...

November 2, 1999

Address at Lodge Perseverance



One of man’s greatest needs is purpose in life. We are conscious of an evolutionary pattern leading from the simplex to the complex, from ignorance to wisdom, from selfishness to compassion.


Once we realize that we are all part of a unive...

September 21, 1999

Address at Lodge Marina



Frequently we have been asked this question: “What can we tell our friends about Freemasonry?”. Our Order has been called a secret society, and for that reason many of its members are of the opinion that nothing may be told concerning it withou...

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November 2, 2015

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